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In my latest (and first for a quite a while) post I'm going to be addressing something slightly different, but very close to my heart - dyspraxia. Though not a mental health disorder, I feel that it is important to raise awareness of the condition and address the way people are affected by it.

What is dyspraxia?
Dyspraxia is a developmental disorder affecting co-ordination in individuals. It is a lifelong condition that can affect anyone, regardless of their intellectual ability. Speech can be affected too. The way in which people struggle with it varies with each person. 
People with dyspraxia may experience difficulties with day to day activities as well as employment and education. Common symptoms in children include difficulty tying shoelaces, riding a bike, writing and participating in sports. These symptoms may continue into adulthood when dyspraxics may also experience difficulty learning to drive, applying makeup and preparing meals. 
Dyspraxia can also impact you socially…